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Sunday, August 19, 2018


The Baldoino lawyer's association has a staff constituted by specialized professionals with the objective to accomplish the service with wide juridical and legal support to all ramifications relating to the family and succession law. The body of law aims to achieve the best results among the desired.

The costumer may consider getting the following services from our company:

Action of food
Action of food supply
Amendment of scheme goods
Straight divorce
Conversion divorce
Nullity and annulment of marriage
Recognition and judicial dissolution of stable relationship
Recognition and judicial dissolution of stable relationship combined with repair of damage
Supply of legal consent for disposal of goods
Legal sharing of goods
Enforcement of alimony
Supervision the use of the alimony
Review of alimony. Increase and mitigation
Disclaimer of alimony
Regulation and modification of custody
Regulation and modification of visitation
Precautionary measures: divorce, description of goods, search and seizure, etc...
Paternity investigation
Disclaimer of paternity
Supply consent to go on trips
Suspension and loss of family power
Covenant prenuptial and post-nuptial
Termination of stable relationship