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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Tributary Law


Willing to offer a wide variety of services, the office of Baldoino lawyer's association works in city, state and country levels, defending the taxpayers. Always ready to advise our customers in anything related to the tributary area, including orientation regarding to the tributary activity of the company, our office creates a financial plan that fits perfectly for the need of each customer.

Our office also looks for less costly alternatives, always aiming for our customers' financial probity.


The tax-related contentious involves both, judicial and administrative, areas of the law, defending the customer from wrongly-charged taxes, abusive taxes and taxes which shouldn't be paid in general;

Our office is a country-wide reference in the administrative defense on cases held at TIT ('Tribunal de impostos e taxas', Portuguese for 'Court of taxes') and CARF ('Conselho administrativo de recursos fiscais', Portuguese for 'administrative council of tax-related resources'). The lawyers who are specialized in this restrict area of the law defend the thesis and reinforce it through oral speech. To keep in touch with what the judges are willing to hear from the defense, the lawyers responsible for this area are always watching recent judgements, so that they may do their work in the best manner.

The tributary are deals with:

Tributary advising and planning
Advising into tax-related projects
Tax collection
International trades MERCOSUL/ALCA/OMC
Special arrangements
Getting of tax incentives
Tributary indemnification
Tributary, administrative and judicial contentious
Writ of mandamus
Administration of the passive taxes
Restoration of undue payments
Among others.