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Sunday, August 19, 2018


We are a legal profession office constituted for more than three decades of experience, with our headquarters in São Paulo, which has as objective the legal advice to industrial, commercial and service provider companies.

Throughout this period, we were able to advise customers of all sizes and segments of the economy, accumulating an impressive store of knowledge. Our staff consists of trained and dynamic professionals, which are constantly taking part in updating courses, lectures and conferences, ensuring the customer a conscientious legal advice, always in line with the latest doctrine and jurisprudence.

Currently, with competition fierce in all sectors of the economy, it became essential to adopt measures and solutions in an ever faster manner. For that, it's necessary to have a highly qualified and reliable staff, which can provide an effective legal advice in the preventive and litigation scope.

More than three decades of service always with respect for the client and absolute seriousness and, of course, bringing fully satisfactory results, allows us to offer our services in order to attend the needs of the companies and facilitate new and great perspectives.